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01 Dec 09All submissions have been graded and the scores are in

With all the talent, knowledge, and energy that our 44 submitting teams put into their 2009 DC3 Digital Forensic Challenge Findings Reports, it was quite the job to complete the grading on time.

This year's challenge was a new 'twist' from our previous years, presenting the participants a mock-up of what an actual examiner might face in a Digital Forensics Labs. This made the results much more complicated than in prior DC3 Challenge years.

Through the grading process, we discovered again the exceedingly talented and knowledgeable group of folks out there. This point was brought home by the depth of knowledge and research as applied to the discovery, solution, and interpretation of the finds submitted from the supplied media. Processes, procedures, script creation, etc. and good old fashioned common sense ruled the day for all when it came time for solutions.

As in many competitions, there can only be so many prizes for award. Out of the total four prizes, the winners are:

DC3 Prize (U.S. Winner): Little Bobby Tables (1772 pts)
SANS Prize - High School (U.S.): pwnage (1309 pts)
SANS Prize - Undergraduate (U.S.): WilmU (1732 pts)
IMPACT Prize (International & Overall): DFRC (2014 pts)

Overall rankings and rankings per prize are listed on the 2009 DC3 Challenge stats page. All winning teams will be notified over the next few days by DC3 and its prize sponsors for additional details.

For the remaining submitting teams, your effort on this DC3 Challenge has been returned your hard won knowledge, which you will increase over the course of your efforts in Digital Forensics; this is a win for all of you.

Please join us in congratulating our DC3 Digital Forensic Challenge 2009 category winners, and all teams who submitted on their fine efforts and presentations that they submitted.


18 Nov 09All solutions in - 44 total submissions for 2009

After receiving the final mailed-in packet last week with the submission postmark, grading has commenced on the 44 team submissions for the 2009 DC3 Challenge. Competition is looking fierce between several of the teams for the DC3, SANS, and IMPACT prizes!

Make sure to check out the stats page for the final team submission breakdown by team affiliation and the prizes. Remember, winner's will be announced on Dec 1st! MORE INFO

30 Oct 09Down to the wire - solutions due soon!

With submissions due on or before 11:59:59 PM EST on Monday, November 2nd, 2009, the rate of submissions has picked up in the past several days to a total of 26. We have updated our stats to reflect the new changes.

Also to note, daylight savings time occurs at 2am EST on Sunday morning after Halloween - remember to set your clocks back an hour after 2am on Sunday. Use that extra hours for working on your submission or catch back up on sleep.

Good luck to all participants on their submissions! MORE INFO

20 Oct 09Less than 2 weeks until submissions are due!

Two weeks. A fortnight. 336 hours. All are the amount of time left until submissions are due for the 2009 DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge.

As we close down mid October and inch closer to Halloween, we are now at 8 submissions and a healthy dose of incoming teams. Know your competition by keeping an eye on the stats.

Good luck to all teams out there and good hunting! MORE INFO

09 Oct 09Less than 24 days left for submissions

As cyber security awareness grows in October, the 2009 DC3 Challenge is now up to 6 submissions covering all of the available prizes. With over 1,106 approved teams over 56 countries, there is still a steady stream of registrations in the last 24 days of the contest.

Remember, tie breakers are determined by the time you registered to the time you submit. Submit early and good luck teams! MORE INFO

09 Oct 09October: U.S. National Cyber Security Awareness Month

The Department of Homeland Services (DHS) has kicked off October with a bang for National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Delaware, New York, and now California this week all have pledged their participation toward the U.S. Cyber Challenge with "boot camps", prizes, and awards for their state's academia. Even "across the pond," the British Government and SANS are planning their first steps toward developing their own cyber challenges and prizes as a model for Europe. MORE INFO

29 Sep 09Tick tock, tick tock, almost 30 days left on the clock!

As we wind out the month of September, we also grow closer to the November 2nd, 2009 Challenge submission deadline.

To crank up the heat, we are now also publishing the stats breakdown of team affiliations to prizes for teams that have submitted solutions to know your competition.

With the variety of prizes from DC3, SANS, and IMPACT, bragging rights as part of the U.S Cyber Challenge, and teams are able to rank for points based on full or partial solutions, there is NO reason to not submit an entry! MORE INFO

03 Sep 092009 Challenge has less than 60 days till solutions due

Today marks the last 60 days available to submit your solutions for the 2009 DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge! We have again updated our stats page to show the breakdown of teams meeting prize eligibility requirements for the DC3, SANS, and IMPACT prizes; teams that do not qualify for these prizes will be competing for points only. MORE INFO

21 Aug 09DC3 Challenge is now over 1,000 approved teams

As of today, the DC3 Challenge now exceeds over 1,000 approved teams for the DC3, SANS, and IMPACT prizes. This is the first time in the contest's history to break this barrier. We encourage all teams to submit early to beat the rush! Our stats page has been updated to reflect this update. MORE INFO

04 Aug 09DC3 Challenge gets press and spikes to 900+ teams

The DC3 Challenge now exceeds over 900 teams, with a 300+ teams added since the U.S Cyber Challenge announcement last Monday and DC3's presence at both Black Hat USA 2009 and DEFCON 17 last week.

Be sure to read our rules for U.S. and non-U.S. participants, and catch up on the new articles published by the press and U.S. government officials about these exciting opportunities in the computer security field. MORE INFO

27 Jul 09DC3 Challenge is now part of the U.S. Cyber Challenge

Announced today, the U.S. Cyber Challenge is now looking for at least 10,000 students to fill the ranks in a triathlon of competitions designed to encourage expansion of the federal cyber security workforce. Competitions include the CyberPatriot Defense Competition, our DC3 Digital Forensics Competition, and NetWars Capture the Flag Competition. The aim of the U.S. Cyber Challenge is for "training and developing that workforce and getting people excited about digital forensics and training them to work for us," says Jim Christy, Director of Future Exploration for the U.S. Department of Defense's Cyber Crime Center (DC3). MORE INFO

24 Jul 09DC3 Challenge @ the US Cyber Challenge luncheon

Mr. Steven Shirley will be speaking about DC3 and the DC3 Challenge roles in cyber security at Center for Strategic and International Studies Capitol Hill Discussion on "U.S. Cyber Challenge: Can We Catch Up?" on July 27th, 2009 in Washington, DC. The U.S. Cyber Challenge is a program designed to encourage young people to develop the aptitude and skills to become the core of a strong cyber security community moving forward. MORE INFO

21 Jul 09DC3 Challenge Rules Updated

The DC3 Challenge rules have been updated based upon questions and feedback received from our Challenge applicants. This includes team anonymity, accuracy and use of personal information, tie breaker rules, and the details of the IMPACT prize for international participants. MORE INFO

20 Jul 09DC3 Challenge Website Joins Web 2.0 with a News RSS Feed

The DC3 Challenge website's News is now RSS 2.0 feed enabled for your news aggregator. You may subscribe to our news feed at MORE INFO

12 Jun 09DC3 Challenge Soars To New Heights

The DC3 Challenge reaches record breaking numbers, now supporting more than 500 applicants. With recent news articles from Internet News and (with help from Slashdot), the DC3 Challenge continues to expand exponentially.MORE INFO

11 Jun 09DC3 Hurts FEDEX Bottom Line

The DC3 Challenge is finally taking it to the 21st Century! That's right folks, you can now download the Challenge media instead of waiting for a package in the mail.

What's that mean for you? No more waiting for the package and no cost to submit your answers with our new upload capability! You must register before you can access the site. MORE INFO

08 Jun 09IMPACT Sponsors DC3 Challenge

IMPACT, the first global public-private initiative against cyber-terrorism, is co-sponsoring the 2009 DC3 Challenge. Look for new prizes. MORE INFO

11 Mar 09SANS Sponsors DC3 Challenge

SANS Institute, the largest source for information security training, certification, and resource in the world, is co-sponsoring the 2009 DC3 Challenge. Look for new prizes and participation categories. MORE INFO