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TIme is Running Out!

The 10% Bonus Points round will be gone before you know it! All exercise submissions received by 23:59:59 EST on 1 July 2012 will receive 10% Bonus points on top of their scores!

The 5% Bonus Points Round begins on 2 July 2012 and runs through 1 October 2012. Learn more about bonus points here.

Bonus Round Reset = New 100 Level Exercises
Exercise is good for you! The Challenge Team has another batch of fresh 100 level exercises to keep your mind in shape.

Each Challenge level establishes the total number of points available per exercise. DC3 Challenge levels are assigned based on the complexity of the research and innovation required to determine a solution. 100 level exercises are considered groundwork; solutions are researchable and are well known to experience examiners.

Here is a preview of the new 100 level exercises:

  • 110 Detect Suspicious Software
  • 111 Image Analysis
  • 112 Manipulated Images

All challenge exercises may be found on here: http://www.dc3.mil/challenge/2012/play/exercises.php

There are currently 900+ approved teams playing from 50 countries and 48 U.S. States. Where do you stand? Check out the Leaderboard to see your standings and size up your competition: http://www.dc3.mil/challenge/2012/stats/leaderboard.php

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Good Luck!


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