How To Submit A Case

If you have any questions, please contact CFL Customer Support at or 410-981-0310.

Step 1-Download 


Select and download the appropriate form from the list below.

Step 2-Complete 


Please complete the form providing as much information as possible and be sure to sign it.

Step 3-Print 


After completing and signing the form, please print out a copy to include with your evidence submission.

Step 4-Submit 


Mail the complete and signed form along with original evidence to CFL.

  Data Tape, Log File, and Multimedia Submission Tips

Call CFL information line for the address at 410-981-0100 or 622-2595


**Note: You may need to right-click the link and select "Save Link As..." to download the file.**

If you encounter any issues downloading or viewing the forms below (such as a "Please wait..." page), follow the instructions here to change your browser settings.

  Forensic Service Request Form (Use this form for most types of exams)
  Intrusions Laboratory Request Form (Use this form for support regarding network intrusions, malware analysis, and reverse engineering)
  Litigation Support Request Form
  Digital Media Recovery Laboratory Request Form
(See the Damaged Media Recovery Tips below before submitting your request)