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As DC3’s technical solutions component, TSD supports DC3 Mission Areas, as well as the DoD Intelligence and Law Enforcement communities.

DC3 Tools


All DC3 Tools are UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO and for U.S. DoD and Federal law enforcement and counterintelligence (LE/CI) official use only.
Authorized personnel with a CAC or PIV may access these tools through the DC3 Customer Portal. All others should contact TSD@dc3.mil.



DC3 Advanced Carver v1.2

DC3 Advanced Carver (DC3AC) is an advanced file carving tool built for speed and accuracy. It uses advanced algorithms to recover files that other tools are not capable of recovering. It can carve complete files and repair partial files for multiple file types, such as archives, audio, databases, documents, free text, pictures, software and videos. DC3AC is modular which allows file types to be toggled on or off for carving. The main use case is carving unallocated space, but it may also carve from memory dumps, page files, disk images and damaged files.

 Last Updated: 2019-09-25

DC3 DD v7.2.643

Inspired by GNU dd, this program has several features specialized for forensic imaging. Highlights include: input hashing, split output files, multiple output files, a progress indicator, image verification through hashing, and detailed logging.

 Last Updated: 2012-11-08

DC3 EFDetect v1.8.0

EFDetect is a tool for the detection of encrypted data. EFDetect recursively searches drives and directories for files in various encrypted formats. Supported formats include, but are not limited to: TrueCrypt, TCSteg, TCSTEG v2, DriveCrypt, Steganos, MS Office, PDF, 7-zip, ZIP, WinRAR, EFS, and Video Padlock.

 Validation Available
 Last Updated: 2016-04-12