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DC3 Recognizes Finalist from Air Force Spark Tank Competition

1/10/2018 - LINTHICUM, MD -- HQ Air Force selected Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3) Information Technology Division assignee TSgt Benjamin Barnhill as a semi-finalist for the Air Force’s “Spark Tank” competition.

The competition challenges Airmen across the Air Force to propose ideas to increase the efficiency of the force through innovative technology solutions and reduced cost. The proposals were submitted through the Airmen Powered by Innovation (API) portal in the form of a three-minute video. Each major command selects two entries to compete at the headquarters level.

During a meeting on 8 December, the review board selected TSgt Barnhill as one of two Headquarter Air Force finalists to compete for selection as one of six Spark Tank finalists.

“TSgt Barnhill’s submission on Audio Jamming provided a clear and concise problem statement, was well developed, and presented an actionable solution with high probability of success and impact,” wrote Richard Lombardi, Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, who notified TSgt Barnhill’s Commanding Officer of the selection.

“It was great to share the news with TSgt Barnhill,” said Mr. Steve Shirley, Executive Director of DC3. “Our greatest resource at DC3 is our people, and Ben is an excellent example.”

TSgt Barnhill did his research, and explained succinctly how his audio recording prevention solution compares financially and effectiveness-wise—an improvement on both—to the current practices to combat audio espionage.

He moves on to compete as a potential finalist and have the opportunity to present his proposal to the Spark Tank Panel at the upcoming Air Force Association Air Warfare Symposium on 22 February 2018.