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Thank you for your interest in the DoD Cyber Crime Center (DC3). DC3 is a complex organization and we want to ensure that your questions, comments, and concerns are answered in a timely and complete manner.
For General Inquiries or Press/Media Requests
Members of the public who are unsure where to direct their correspondence and Members of the press/media should directly contact the DC3 Information line by calling 410-981- 6610 (DSN: 622-9495 or 622-9496) or by email at info@dc3.mil.
Organization Contacts:

Cyber Forensics Laboratory (CFL)

General Information
Phone: 410-981-0100
Customer Support
Phone: 410-981-0310 (DSN 622-2595)
Fax: 410-981-0189
Submit Request Forms
Email: cflintake@dc3.mil
General Lab Questions
Email: cfl@dc3.mil
Technical Difficulties
Email: appsupportt@dc3.mil


Cyber Training Academy (CTA)

General Information
Phone: 443-733-1990

Course Information
DC3 Cyber Training Academy Registrar
CDFAE Information
Email: cdfae@dc3.mil


DoD-Defense Industrial Base (DIB)
Collaborative Information Sharing Environment (DCISE)

General Information
Phone: 410-981-0104
Toll-free: 1-877-838-2174

DCISE Information
Email: dcise@dc3.mil


Operations Enablement Directorate (OED)

General Information
Phone: 410-981-1013

OED Information

Email: oed.info@dc3.mil

Technical Solutions Development (TSD)

General Information
Phone: 410-694-4310

TSD Information
Email: tsd@dc3.mil


DoD Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP)

General VDP Questions
Email: vdp-questions@dc3.mil
This link is not to be used to report vulnerabilities on DoD networks and systems.