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Leader at DoD’s Cyber Crime Center Gives Resources for Cleared Defense Contractors

The Defense Industrial Base (DIB) is a world of its own that operates as a living hub for companies to provide research and development and incidental materials. It also serves as a government-owned/contractor support system to help reach and maintain U.S military requirements. (2022)


Cyber Criminals Don’t Brake for Pandemics

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in disruptions to everyday life for many with shelter-in-place and other social distancing requirements implemented throughout the United States and around the rest of the world. Even though many supplies, services and leisure activities have slowed down or have come to a screeching halt, the one thing that has remained the same, or even gained momentum – is cyber espionage. (2020)


ActiveCyber.net Spotlight Interview: Krystal Covey of DCISE Discusses the DoD-DIB Threat Information Sharing Program with Active Cyber

Led by Ms. Krystal Covey, the DCISE program is in its 11th year of helping the Defense Industrial Base become knowledgeable and alerted to the cyber threat around them. The need for industry outreach and information sharing support about cyber threats has never been greater given the scale and frequency of intellectual property theft and other sensitive military secrets that seem to keep finding their way from our defense industrial base to our adversaries via cyber attacks. (2019)