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Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3)

Welcome to the official website of the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center. DC3 is designated as a federal cyber center and Department of Defense center of excellence, and serves as the operational focal point for the Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity Program. DC3 operates under the executive agency of the Secretary of the Air Force.

DC3’s mission is to deliver superior digital and multimedia (D/MM) forensic services, cyber technical training, vulnerability sharing, technical solutions development, and cyber analysis within the following DoD mission areas: cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection, law enforcement and counterintelligence, document and media exploitation, and counterterrorism.

Digital ForensicsDigital Forensics The Cyber Forensics Laboratory (CFL) is a world-class facility providing comprehensive analysis of digital evidence. CFL delivers digital and multimedia (D/MM) evidence processing, forensic examinations, and expert testimony for any DoD Agency requiring investigative support. Find Out More Cyber Training The DC3 Cyber Training Academy (CTA) provides in-residence and online training to DoD elements that protect DoD information systems from unauthorized use, criminal, fraudulent, and foreign intelligence activities. Find Out More Technical Solutions Technical Solutions Development (TSD) is the research, development, test, and evaluation component of DC3. TSD supports DC3 mission areas and external partners with tools and techniques tailored to meet the specific requirements of digital forensic examiners and cyber intrusion analysts. Find Out More Vulnerability Disclosure The DoD Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) leverages the intellectual capital of private-sector cyber security researchers to identify vulnerabilities on the DoD Information Network (DoDIN) in order to improve network defenses and enhance mission assurance. Find Out More DIB Cybersecurity Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Collaborative Information Sharing Environment (DCISE) works with private industry to protect critical programs, assets, and technology information residing on or transiting DIB controlled unclassified networks. Find Out More Analytics DC3's Analytical Group (AG) supports law enforcement and counterintelligence (LE/CI) agencies, including the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), the Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS), and key mission partners such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Find Out More

News Spotlight Interview: Krystal Covey of DCISE Discusses the DoD-DIB Threat Information Sharing Program with Active Cyber

Led by Ms. Krystal Covey, the DCISE program is in its 11th year of helping the Defense Industrial Base become knowledgeable and alerted to the cyber threat around them. The need for industry outreach and information sharing support about cyber threats has never been greater given the scale and frequency of intellectual property theft and other sensitive military secrets that seem to keep finding their way from our defense industrial base to our adversaries via cyber attacks. VDP Article: How one teenager took out a secure Pentagon file sharing site

The DoD Cyber Crime Center (DC3) Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) uses a White Hat researcher to expose a high risk vulnerability in the DoD secure filing system, which was reported to the department through the Pentagon's HackerOne vulnerability disclosure page.

TSD Completes Missing Links

The DoD Cyber Crime Center (DC3) Technical Solutions Development (TSD) launched an upgraded version of its “Missing Links” software in January. Missing Links, among other features, aids field law enforcement agents and others who seize or discover digital devices, such as cellphones, while conducting investigations by helping them to quickly identify other digital devices to which the seized/discovered devices had been connected.

DC3 Volunteers Land Success with Honor Flights

The flag-waving crowd of nearly 100 people cheered loudly as the airline passengers began making their way out of the jet bridge and into the Concourse B terminal at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport. This was not your typical scene at BWI, but this was also not a typical group of passengers.

Calling All Hackers: We Want To Work With You

The Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3) stood up its Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) in November 2016, by direction of former Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. The VDP was tasked as DODs focal point for crowd-sourced vulnerability reporting and interacting with private citizen cybersecurity researchers, popularly referred to as "hackers."

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DC3 employees work in a uniquely challenging and rewarding environment. As part of a team of highly skilled professionals, you will work alongside government, military and civilian personnel to solve the most demanding cyber problems facing our nation.

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DC3 has a limited number of Air Force positions. Please access assignment opportunities via the EQUAL-Plus system if you are interested in being assigned to the DC3 billet.