DC3 Host to External Elements
Host to four distinct Damage Assessment Management Offices (DAMO) (3 Services & OSD)

Host to one of three Joint Acquisition Protection & Exploitation Cells (JAPEC), with the other two cells hosted by USD (I&S / NCITF) and the FBI (NCIJTF)
  • Chartered to integrate acquisition, intelligence, and counterintelligence information to proactively protect critical programs and technologies and exploit opportunities​​
Host to an element of Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
  • Chartered to assess the long-term viability/lethality of Air Force platforms and weapons systems based on known exfiltrations, DAMO and JAPEC assessments, and other threat streams/data sources  
All with MOU/MOA-based information sharing agreements enabling ingest ​of DCISE reporting, as well as access to DC3/OED-AG and CFL capabilities​
DC3 Support to DOMEX/NMEC​
  The National Media Exploitation Center (NMEC) is the DNI Center for DOMEX​
* Established in ICD 302, w/DIA as Executive Agent​
* Partner organizations include CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS, DIA, NGA & DC3​
* DC3 is one of the original partners (2003 NMEC Charter, ICD 302, and DODD 3300.03)​

  DC3 has six embeds in NMEC for D/MM technical exploitation and to facilitate reach back lab support as well as liaison for DC3 R&D projects (many of which are funded by and directly support NMEC)
Document & Media Exploitation (DOMEX): The Processing, translation, analysis ​and dissemination of collected hard copy documents and electronic media, ​which are under US Government physical control and are not publicly available​
Stakeholders/Mission Partners