DC3’s Analytical Group (AG) is tasked with conducting sharply focused technical and cyber intelligence analysis that utilizes multiple sources of data, unique analytic tools, applications and capabilities to directly support stakeholder requirements and priorities.

AG Overview

Through several reporting platforms, DC3/AG disseminates timely and relevant cyber intelligence 
products that enhance the overall picture and shared situational awareness of the cyber threat 
landscape and enable mission partners' readiness and success. These products often highlight 
current cyber intelligence data, activity/trends, predictive analysis and technical findings with attribution.

DC3/AG collaborates and enhances cyber situational awareness through a number of
interagency engagements including:

  • Quarterly Meetings
  • Working Groups
  • Ops Syncs
  • Analyst-to-Analyst Exchanges

These engagements are intended to share key cyber intelligence/operational updates, align operational 
efforts, and support desired objectives of participating stakeholders while fostering cyber intelligence 
community (IC) partnering aimed at creating a shared situational awareness network that crosses a
number of missions and disciplines.


Contact Us

Phone: 410-981-1013  
Email: AG.Info@dc3.mil